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Legal Focus Media

The Country's Largest & Most Reliable Team of Legal Media Specialists!

LFM is the country‘s largest network of legal media specialists!  We cover in-person and remote video/presentation services, coast to coast, with our large team of legal videographers & trial technicians.  

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Remote & In-Person Legal Proceedings, Trial Presentation, Multimedia PIP Production, & Much More!

We are constantly adding new services to meet the demand of the ever-changing industry. If there is a service that is not on our list, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your job needs. 

Legal-Focus Media specializes in legal video services, including:

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Video depositions

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Video Call

Video/transcript synchronization creation ("SYNC")

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Sound Waves

MPEG File Conversion & Creation

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Courtroom Chairs

Court Room Video Playbacks

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Sound Waves

Digital forensic audio enhancement (Correcting bad audio source)

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Choosing PVC Pipes

Site Inspections - Photo/Video/Audio

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Trial Presentation & Litigation Support Services

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Witness In Courtroom

Court Room Video Playbacks

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Video Conference

Video/audio editing

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Online Workshop

Real-Time Video Streaming

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Girl in Wheelchair

Day-in-the-life videos

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Video Game Designers

CLE Presentation Videos

Coverage Areas
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Coverage Areas

LFM is the largest network of legal technicians nationwide!


 Our dominant in-person coverage area is PA, NJ, NY, CT and DE, with over 60 technicians in these states alone.   We also have technicians in majors cities in MA, MD, OH, IN, IL, TN, VA, SC, and NC. 


Additionally, we have over 100 technicians to cover all remote deposition services, from videography and document presentation to meditation hosting and multimedia recording


Angela Kalbach

Chief Operations Officer




Please contact Angie all scheduling & billing inquiries

Erik Davidson

Production Manager



Please contact Erik for all production & post-deposition inquiries)

Kevin Frank




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